House Flipper

  • Developer: Empyrean
  • Genre: Indie, Simulation
  • Version: Release
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Official information

Release Date May 17, 2018
Developer Empyrean
Publisher PlayWay S.A., Frozen District
Genre Indie, Simulation
Language English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese-Brazil, Turkish, Ukrainian, Greek
System PC, Mac
Version Release


House Flipper review: clean, destroy, build, have fun!

The process of house renovation would never be the same after you’ve played at least once the House Flipper game. This recent title from a Polish indie developer Empyrean is a sip of fresh air for the genre of simulators. 

The interesting idea and the immaculate implementation brought House Flipper to the top of the Steam best sellers. Let’s discover more about this engaging game and try to understand why it is so ultimately appealing for many players. 

To check yourself how cool the game is, download House Flipper on Steam and dive headlong into the best simulation of nowadays. 

Time to get to work!

Cleaning and repairing other people’s houses is the gameplay core of House Flipper. “Me? Cleaning up houses just for fun and for play? No way!” - that can be your initial reaction. But all you need to change your mind is simply to start playing. The game will engage you from the first minutes. And that is for sure.

So you have a kind of a cleaning company, and you are the only person working in it. What an irony! But don’t worry, soon your little business will bring you dividends. If you do your tasks thoroughly, you are going to be fully rewarded.

In House Flipper, when you get rid of a mess in someone’s house and repair all the breakages inside it, you get a possibility to sell this house at a reasonable price. This is how you make money for all the future activities in this sandbox.

You will start with the simple tasks like taking out the garbage, cleaning up the apartment, clean some stains with the mop, and so on. 
Then the game offers you more complicated tasks and thus the level of complexity increases. At this stage, you will need to dismantle the walls, lay new ones, paint them, install various devices such as heating batteries or electric sockets, furnish and decorate the rooms.

Ready to deal with various household matters? Then get even more of them. Wash the tile and clean the bathroom, get rid of cockroaches crawling everywhere in the messed house, do wallpapering, and buy new furniture.

Not enough for you? So try to figure out the wiring, properly lay the pipes and do not flood the neighbors meanwhile. You will be surprised by the abundance of interesting activities you can do in a single apartment.

You need to admit that prospect of turning into an engineer and a designer from a cleaner is not a bad one. From routine duties to creative and technical tasks, House Flipper simulates the process of repairing a house in the most realistic manner. 

Money, money, money must be funny

In House Flipper, you clean the houses not only for pleasure but for earning money as well. The most exciting part of the game starts when you get enough money for buying littery houses and apartments. You purchase them dirt cheap (as they are dirty and cluttered indeed), clean up, repair everything that needs to be fixed and get tidy and cozy dwelling at the output. Why not sell it now at a high price?

Becoming a Jack of all trades gives you an opportunity of making good money. This well-thought-out scheme of repairing-selling houses let you buy all the needed supplies for cleaning and fixing, and purchasing bigger houses as well.

House Flipper uses a perk system so that any tasks you’ve made for a few times become easier in future (just like in real life). After you’ve painted the walls for several times the next time, you will do it faster or use less paint. That is how the skills you use in the game develop over time and help you move from the monotonous tasks to more complex and interesting.

After selling this revived and decorated house and earning a good sum of money for it, you understand this was all not in vain.

However, House Flipper brings a satisfactory moment not connected with money earning. With all these floors washed, rooms cleaned, walls painted, sinks and sockets installed, furniture arranged, you get a feeling of contentment from such a great work done. You are the winner in this battle for cleanliness and order!

House Flipper: inspiration for the renovation

So what is the secret of getting pleasure from doing utility-man tasks in the game? We guess it’s a feeling of novelty that you get when playing House Flipper. This game is something entirely new regarding simulators. Yes, we built and furnished houses before, for example, in Sims. But it wasn’t the same experience as in House Flipper.

Here, we get a cute-looking graphics with plenty of fancy post-processing effects. Moreover, you can adjust graphics settings to more refined. So all the elements and surroundings look visually perfected.

Sound effects contribute player’s immersion to the game along with graphics. Ambient music on the background with sounds corresponding to your current activities imports the right atmosphere to the simulator game.

It’s a kind of meditation to wade through this total mess by providing household activities and seeing the apparent result of your work.

As the tasks are changeable from house to house, you never get bored with House Flipper. In some apartments, you need only to clean up dirt, while others require a more complex approach: cleaning plus total renovating. Make sure that you follow the owner’s recommendations concerning the task. You have to remember that every house should satisfy the specific tastes of its owner.

Becoming a handyman with House Flipper is fun and entertaining. Who knows, maybe this flipper simulator is going to inspire your own house renovation?

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