Well, whatever it takes to hustle honestly for some sweet dough - do that. Even if it's about cleaning and redecorating houses that are to be sold afterwards.

Yep, that's right. You're making dirty money. But not the same way as in Breaking Bad or Scarface. You're making literally dirty money through scrubbing floors, ceilings and cleaning out the spider web from under the bath.

Just like in Tom Sawyer, the menial labor somehow transforms into fun. Some call it black magic, but we can call it a stroke of a genius. Maybe.

And how much you can learn from House Flipper! Look:

·        How to install electrical outlets.

·        How to choose an aesthetically impeccable color palette to paint the walls in the kitchen or living room.

·        How to smash the freshly painted walls, because you didn't quite like the new coloring.

·        How to build a secret chamber in the house, purpose of which no one can really identify. Even you yourself.

So many how-to's!

Guess the life of a contractor isn't that sweet and easy after all. Well, you can rarely see a person who gets ecstatic whenever he/she observes the complete and infernal PIGSTY that they are supposed to turn into an oasis of homely comfort. And an email form the client treacherously promised that "only light sanitation is required".

Well at least you learn how to deal with the clients, handle the dirty work and invest your earnings properly: buy the tools and other supplies. Otherwise your business will go down to the bottom, like a tipsy walrus.

But on a brighter side there's some relief: you see that wall with sticky-icky spots, originated from an unknown (it'd best remain unknown) substance? Don't try too hard to wipe them out with a wet rug. And no, flame-thrower is not an option either. Where was that 10 pound hammer again?...

Go nuts with it. You deserve this treat.