House Flipper How to Paint Walls Skilfully The Pony Indie Studio Empyrean developed a game called “House Flipper.” The House Flipper game is a very innovative simulation genre game. Playway S.A is responsible for releasing it to the market, and the world of the gamers is beyond awed. On May 17, 2018, the game was released and instantly became successful reaching a bestseller game status on Stream. The House Flipper game then became hot for gamers across the globe. This game involves reconstructing and fixing up the designated property or houses that the gamer wants to reconstruct to earn a profit. Playing this game requires you to become a construction worker because it includes painting of the walls, laying down your best-picked tiles, cleaning all the dirt, installing wire and other connection and demolition of the property. According to the Review Aggregator Metacritic, they stated that the House Flipper game received different or average reviews when the Playway S.A released the House Flipper game in the market. The netizens commented that they find it very satisfying even though some commented that they often find it extremely gross and ugly. Regardless, because fixing up, homes made them feel like they are really into constructing homes on their homes, more like an engineer type. By playing this game House Flipper, you have all the decisions in making and reconstructing the property that you desire. Vision your own decent house and make it look comfortable as it can be. Reconstructing your first few houses and turning it into a new home is fun, but it is up to you if you can keep it interesting as the game takes in the long run. But for some other gamers who enjoy reconstructing the old, gross room and making it look nicer and neater, it’s pretty cool how you knocked down and rebuild walls without you getting bored. Why Not Paint The Walls Faster? But what if you get bored when it comes to the portion of the house where you will paint it. Of course, painting inevitably consumes lots of time to finish it. You find it hard until you want to call it to quit? Here you will find several tips that you might need for every game mode in the House Flipper. We want to make sure that you will get the very best of the tips. We will assure you that after you read this article, you will find it more interesting when it comes to the portion of the house that you will paint because we have provided you some tips. Lessen Your Struggle in Painting Multiple Walls It’s not only you who struggles in painting multiple walls in House Flipper. Do you seem always to end up painting wall that you have already painted before? It only means that you are wasting a lot of your paint for no good reason. You want to know the techniques in painting your walls in a faster way, but it looks like you are still struggling to paint multiple walls. Don’t worry because you are in luck with reading this article. And next time you want to paint multiple walls in the House Flipper game, it wouldn’t be that hard for you because you have all the knowledge and techniques for a faster way of painting your walls in House Flipper game. So let’s start! As soon as you start to paint, continue to hold the mouse button dragging it down while moving to the second portion of the house that you want to paint adjacent to where you want to start. And through this, you will no longer have any issues about painting multiple walls in the house that you are reconstructing. It will work! Just move the cursor to the next tile while you are painting the walls. You now have your knowledge about the game House Flipper and how to paint multiple walls. Faster Way for Painting Multiple Walls To paint your walls faster in your House Flipper game, the first thing that you need to do is to level up the skill with the ability that will let you paint multiple walls at once or even up to four walls. Once you already have it, you may now select the paint that you want to buy from the store. Place the bucket down and start to get painting. The trick behind this is to hold down the left mouse button and move the roller over up to four different strips of the wall. It is going to be the best and most efficient way you will paint a whole wall fast. Hold down the left mouse button while selecting multiples. Remember that you will also run out of paint faster. Matching Paint Colour’s Struggle For the players who are terrible and finding it difficult to differentiate colours, it is very much true that it is hard to choose a paint that will match the existing wall in the house that you are reconstructing. Here’s an example, for your additional bathroom but you want a paint that will match the rest of the design in your main hallway. And you had to buy six different green paints before you finally found the paint that will match to your desired colour for the rest of your house. But what if you want the colour of the paint to be a morning yellow, but the colour did not match to the way you want to match it, since it turns out that it wasn’t yellow. Instead, the colour of the paint looked like more of a lime colour. We hope through reading this article, help you and give you an idea less struggle when it comes to painting multiple walls in the House Flipper game. Make sure to help another player who also struggles the way you have struggled before. Share your thoughts and the knowledge that you have learned from this article.   Continue Reading Download House Flipper for Android Since the House Flipper was removed from Google Play, it is hard to find the game for Android smartphone. But, we went through the whole bunch of Google pages and found the possibility to download the House Flipper! Check out the article to learn how to get House Flipper game for Android. How to download House Flipper game for Android While the game is also available on Steam, lots of players find it more attractive to play on the phone rather use the PC. Mobile version of the House Flipper still provides the same gameplay tools and kits, but reviews say it has lots of ads and it can bother some of the players. Yet the Android game version is free, unlike the Steam one. So, to download the game, you have to follow these easy steps: Find the site you trust, from which you can download the game Go to the game download page Scroll down the page and find Download APK button; Tap the button and wait for the automatic download to start. If the download doesn’t start, then press Click Here link. Now, wait till the downloading is completed and then proceed to the installation of House Flipper. How to install House Flipper game for Android Before installing the game, you have to set up your device following this check-list: Open the Settings on your Android device; Scroll down to Security tab; Select and enable Unknown sources. Enabling this option allows you to install apps outside of the Google Play store. Depending on the device, you can also choose to be alerted before installing dangerous apps. This can be set up by tapping the Verify apps option in the Security settings tab. Then open the downloaded APK from the upper notification menu on your phone or find it in the Downloads folder on your device’s file manager. Tap Install and the game will be installed in a few seconds. You can also download House Flipper for Android through the browser on your PC. After you got it, you’ll need to transfer the file to your device using microUSB or any wireless method like DropBox or Bluetooth.   Continue Reading House Flipper Game Guide Flip the House It seems that there’s nothing in this world that can’t be gamified. House Flipper is a 2018 hit game based on “house flipping”: buying old (even devastated) houses, fixing and cleaning them, and then selling. This business requires a special state of mind, and House Flipper game makers have done the job of recreating this spirit in their project. Here come some House Flipper game tips and tricks with a brief review. What This Game’s About House Flipper walkthrough (in its basic version) is a chain of missions you find in your inbox when at your office. Sometimes they offer you a job that requires a bit of cleaning, a bit of fixing, and a bit of getting your money. But when you act on your own, you need to plan your action. Find a house for sale, have a look at it, think what you can turn it into, and see which of your potential customers would purchase it. Seems easy, right? Like many simulators today, it’s a 3D FPV game, making you feel like you’re physically in these rooms, doing things with your very hands. Its controls involve both keyboard and mouse, and before Christmas 2018, the developers implemented full gamepad support. The layout will be similar to most players, as gamepad-like style on a regular keyboard is determined by basic ergonomics. When you want to temporarily quit House Flipper, how to save the game? Like in most games or apps, as you exit, you are asked whether you want to save your progress. Say Yes and then load your saved game when you reenter. Give it a distinct name to recognize it. First, you’ll have to earn by completing minor missions in other people’s mansions. Your character does it all alone, so you’ll need to walk into the room to process it. Cleaning and fixing, buying and installing items, like heaters and baths, lamps and furniture elements, will be the routine. But suddenly it’s made fun. Check your mailbox to accept new missions after completing those you do. By the way, you don’t have to make it 100% perfectly. The unfinished missions pay too, depending on how much of it you have done. Buying and Selling Houses Though you’ll have to master a lot of tools, your primary one is the PC at your desk. It has but an email client (notifying you of new missions) and a browser (showing you houses for sale and those you already own). Buying and selling is an integral part of House Flipper. How to sell house is an office matter. You’ll need to select the client who wants a certain house, then find one for sale that fits these requirements, and then rearrange it, so it satisfies the buyer’s needs. Sometimes just changing furniture and cleaning up won’t do; you’ll have to destroy most walls to remap the house and arrange the space the new way. While you’re away from your office, you use your tablet to connect (logically, it’s activated by pressing TAB). The tablet provides access to the store where you can buy furniture and various items for building and arranging, and fins your potential customers as well. So you need to model what house each of these people would want, what can you buy to transform to that, and will it be worth that. And… read, read, read. The more you know about the people you’re dealing with, the more successful your business may become. So find hints in the strangest places, as they matter. Rearranging Rooms House Flipper room requirements are (in fact) based on the real world, so they are reasonable. As you enter any living room, bathroom, corridor, bedroom or kitchen, any of these is arranged the correct way and filled with furniture pieces. There is always something incorrect, but fixing it is your mission. There is even a list of requirements, for the different room types available in the game. In first missions you’re told what they want from you. So make the cleaning and the fixing the way the order tells and get your money. As you transfer to the active flipping phase, it’s up to you and your fantasy to make the perfect house. Though the requirements remain, they only provide some necessities to build the room upon, and you’re free with the rest of it. What to Expect Ask the creators of House Flipper game how to sell something ordinary as an entertainment. They succeeded in making a cult one out of everyday work, despite a bit adventurous and creative. Simulation ere mixes reality and virtual life, and success of House Flipper-like games is here to highlight that. In the next update of House Flipper game landscaping and gardening may be finally added, as housework without culturing gardens and yards seems incomplete. Some users officially request it in their feedback to the developers, and this innovation would renovate the game even for those through it inside out. Garden Flipper DLC has already been announced, though not made available yet.   So the game is a real success, and we wish some major developers could put into their project a share of the charisma House Flipper has.   Continue Reading