How to use House Flipper Modes The House Flipper game is a cool simulator in which you have to renovate a particular room or building. But sometimes, as it happens in real life, you need more resources to create what you want. Here come your life saviours called game mods. If you wonder how to mod House Flipper, then read below. House Flipper available mods The Steam community players already opened up a discussion where they spoke out their desire to be able to create mods for the game. Yet, unluckily, this suggestion seems to be ignored by House Flipper developers because there are no additional game mods in fact. But, we found another way for moding the House Flipper game. The trainers are good game cheaters too. While they do not provide the possibility to add extra game stuff, they still are useful for getting resources. For example to get more money or points. In House Flipper, money are the only key to use all the game opportunities. Everything you do depends on the money amount you have. So, it turns out, you need to gain as much money as it is possible. To gain the needed amount for buying a new building or repair tools, follow this: Find and download the required version of the game trainer; Unzip the file and extract it to the new folder; Run the game trainer; Run the installed on your PC version of House Flipper (1.04 required); During the game use the following keys: Press F1 to get an unlimited amount of money, Press F2 -  permanent upgrade points. There’s the only game moding possibility for now, but still, it’s one of the most needed. We hope developers will meet the players halfway and allow them to create their own mods soon!   Continue Reading House Flipper Game: Free Mode - Buying Estates When playing House Flipper, you may suddenly feel dissatisfied with quests you find in your mailbox (or even more suddenly run out of them). But the game still has a lot to offer. Its Free Mode assumes you act as a standalone flipper, not waiting for work but creating it. Free Mode and Its Principles House Flipper free mode is available without any special transition. Just start the game the way you usually do, enter your office, and then launch Browser instead of Mail. You’ll see a wide selection of houses for sale you can later renovate and sell to your clients. Your potential buyers can be found via your tablet, and that’s the answer why you need both devices. As assignments in your mailbox will come to an end someday, you’ll have to switch to Free Mode even if you don’t want to… first. But then you’ll taste it and appreciate as the most creative and the most innovative part of the game, with you in control. Buy, make neat, sell, repeat. That’s how house flipping works; the rest is details. But these details are about how you get things done. Renovation Day When you have earned enough money from your assignments, you can purchase some house on sale and renovate it. To make it attractive for any of potential customers, you need to do some necessary work: Remove all the garbage; De-infest the house. Devastated houses are full of cockroaches; Clean it through, floors, walls, and windows; Remap it according to what you think may sell, and rebuild the walls (if necessary); Patch all the holes in the walls (there may be more of them than you expect); Apply boarding, tiles or paint; Install and repair if necessary all the electrical equipment, and check the sockets; Get all the rooms furnished. Pay most attention to it, because furniture impacts the price of the whole building. But this is only the basic part of it. The reconstruction may require more efforts, up to destroying walls and rearranging them to resize rooms. Anyway, if the buyer likes this house, your efforts will pay. When planning your work, don’t remind that each bagatelle has its price, and a serious reconstruction will be expensive. Your mistakes will cost you, too. But trials and errors are a necessity, at least, for first projects. Return to your office periodically to see how much work is complete. As you select your current project in your Browser, you’ll see the percentage of it left to do. As you think the estate is complete, you can start selling. Auctions When the house is prepared (at least you think so), you need to press Enter to put it on sale. The auction starts, and the buyers from your list will propose their price or tell their objections and wishes. It may seem the most important tool for the beginner, as that’s where you can realize where you went wrong and correct it the next time. If you realize what’s wrong before the house is sold, you can cancel the auction for some minor fee, but if you repeat this practice, it will grow. SO you better do everything right immediately, or learn faster. Don’t forget that comments by the buyers may be ironic. So you’ll know when to take them seriously and when to neglect. But you’ll learn the difference sometime later. Tools to Use When doing this hell of work, you won’t do with what you have on your right button. There are more tools you will have to utilize while renovating houses: Real estate database. You can access it from the laptop in your office that contains all the instructions in House Flipper how to buy home. Store. It’s accessible through your tablet. Press TAB to access it. Buyer database. When you have purchased a house and made all the primary work, you’ll need to decide who you’re going to sell it to. That defines what you will make this building into. It’s also available through the tablet. HUD. All the time you see how much money there is at your disposal. The info is in the right part of the screen. Professional vision. The mini-map in the upper right corner can be upgraded, so you can see what you have missed on it. Sometimes it’s not that obvious, so a map will be of great help. Tips Mind the tips shown while you return to your office or load new locations: they tell you more about what people like. If you can’t stand even virtual cockroaches, you can go to Settings and replace them with glass shards. You don’t have to dispose all the old furniture. Maybe some of it will satisfy the new owner. Though you may have to purchase some new items to revamp the overall impression. Train your skills. As you reach a certain score, you’ll get points that can be spent on new working tools or abilities. With better tools, you’ll complete your work in less time. House Flipper game investments require no donation (as the game by itself is paid). But you’ll need to earn each dollar with your in-game success. The game has rich graphics settings, so even on an old or low-budget PC, you can adjust it to get the best performance. But the better is the graphics, the easier is the job.   So, once you’ll run out of assignments (it’s meant to be a feature, not a bug) and enter the free mode. In fact, assignments are just an aperitif before the course, so enjoy your endless possibilities to run your own property.       Continue Reading House Flipper Review and Tips This House Flipper review won’t tell more about how to become a house flipper in real life. But maybe the game itself will touch the right nerve to get you up and flipping. What House Flipper is About House flippers are people who specialize in buying devastated houses, renovating and reselling them. This is what your character does in this game with extendable set of tools. Being a real-time FP game, it outs you into the middle of the process, as you’re the universal genius. You run your business and you do all the jobs it requires. That kind of game may remind the famous Farming Simulator and its likes. And it shares their popularity: even before the release gamers wondered how to get House Flipper Beta, inspired by previews. How to Install House Flipper The easiest way to get the game is buying it on Steam. It’s easily available there, with no parasite results when you enter House Flipper into the search field. If you’re new to Steam, you’ll have to create an account, download its official client, and then purchase the game to make it downloadable from within the client. There’s no legal answer on how to get House Flipper game for free. But we suppose developers will decide to have some giveaways on Steam or other resources. There are also frequent offers; for example, in December 2018 you still can purchase it with 25% discount. The mobile version of the game isn’t announced yet (though some parasite ones with the same name are already available on AppStore or Play Market). But as the Empyrean studio is deeply into VR games, we may suddenly encounter House Flipper VR, and it will be quite an organic way to enhance the experience. Controls and Graphics This game features first person view in 3D environment. While not as detailed as console shooting games or RPGs, House Flipper looks significantly more 2018 than Minecraft or other retro-styled games, though it obviously tends to the latter. Yet all the items and the environment elements are drawn well enough to tell one from another, and the way they’re done in game reveal that the developers have had enough experience in their life. The game controls on PC involve both mouse and keyboard, Mouse movements control camera perspective. The left button is used to capture, reposition and release items, and holding SHIFT lets you rotate them. The right button is usually used to select tools, but it depends on context. Say, if you have bought the wrong item in the store, you can return it with the right click. Since December 2018, the game can be controlled with gamepads as well. Maybe the publisher wants it to hit the console market, though it’s initially a brooding, meditative PC game, with almost no need to hurry. Maybe the best thing is that the game requires no extra-fresh and powerful hardware. Though it’s recommended to run it under Windows 19 64-bit, with at least Intel Core i5-8400 and 8 GB RAM, in fact a much weaker set has been proved to run it smoothly too. The Tricks and The Kicks How to get the most pleasure out of House Flipper? After a bit of playing, we can give you some recommendations on that. If you don’t know how to finish a task, leave it unfinished where you got stuck and press Enter. You will be paid for the part of it you managed through. So don’t waste time. You’re in this game to enjoy it, so try to make everything the most beautiful way and turn your houses to those you’d like to live in if they were real. Don’t be afraid to correct your mistakes if you can’t sell a house you consider nearly perfect. If they don’t stand in line after it, something must be wrong. Acknowledge your mistakes to correct them. Don’t try to be the first to install updates (unless your curiosity leads the way). Some new updates are buggy enough to avoid. So let the bravest try them and share what they feel in comments, and then decide. Maybe this game will give you some idea of how to become a house flipper with no money in real life. It’s amazing how Empyrean made a great entertainment out of cleaning and repairing. Maybe after an hour or two of playing you’ll try to check out if it’s as much fun in real life; and if suddenly you find that it is, the game finally proves it’s more than just an entertaining piece.   Continue Reading