How to use House Flipper Modes

The House Flipper game is a cool simulator in which you have to renovate a particular room or building. But sometimes, as it happens in real life, you need more resources to create what you want. Here come your life saviours called game mods. If you wonder how to mod House Flipper, then read below.

House Flipper available mods

The Steam community players already opened up a discussion where they spoke out their desire to be able to create mods for the game. Yet, unluckily, this suggestion seems to be ignored by House Flipper developers because there are no additional game mods in fact. But, we found another way for moding the House Flipper game.

The trainers are good game cheaters too. While they do not provide the possibility to add extra game stuff, they still are useful for getting resources. For example to get more money or points. In House Flipper, money are the only key to use all the game opportunities. Everything you do depends on the money amount you have. So, it turns out, you need to gain as much money as it is possible.

To gain the needed amount for buying a new building or repair tools, follow this:

  1. Find and download the required version of the game trainer;

  2. Unzip the file and extract it to the new folder;

  3. Run the game trainer;

  4. Run the installed on your PC version of House Flipper (1.04 required);

  5. During the game use the following keys:

Press F1 to get an unlimited amount of money,

Press F2 -  permanent upgrade points.

There’s the only game moding possibility for now, but still, it’s one of the most needed. We hope developers will meet the players halfway and allow them to create their own mods soon!